The Company Idea

Bladverk serves the new businesses of large companies and entrepreneurs of scalable companies to outshine rivals by giving advisory and bringing the right counterparts together. Bladverk helps companies solve their business development challenges, create innovative products and services that flourish in the future and what your customers love.

Our services

1. Cultivate

Are you a growth-oriented entrepreneur or a persistent corporate innovator planning for a new opportunity? We can plan it together. Bladverk and its partners will assist you to develop and scale a fresh company by crystallizing your business concept so it will have the right fit for your customers and the market environment. Bladverk is also the right place for you to find the founding members for your business and ensure resistant financing and shareholder model. Let’s design the business plan and coming steps together.


Looking for an investment or co-investor for your company? Bladverk and its partners will first figure out what the drivers of potential investors are for a start-up and bring clarity to the myriad funding sources and roles of different funding rounds. We will invest and connect you to required co-investors with genuine substance and performance aspiration. Shall us back up on raising funding, so you can focus on the core.

3. Harvest

Do you know a healthy small or mid-size business but don’t know how the story continues? Bladverk expands company lifecycles by being an active developer and owner, who makes the company greater than its current form with long commitment, building on top of key capabilities and stretching the earlier boundaries. Leave it for us to respond better to the current needs, whether the case is a generational change or partnering with an additional company. Our focus is to secure the essentials so that your company and its personnel can look to the future with confidence. 

4. Trim

Big changes ahead and not clear where to take the company? To shape large companies, Bladverk and its partners will bring hungry entrepreneurs in to give foresight to external forces that will make changes to your strategy and portfolio by combining corporate and entrepreneur skill sets. Alongside we will re-design or build an updated business model when it is needed and draw a clear formula for your company to follow. We are here to counsel your business to sharpen up its vision and strategy.


A year after the project, when the plan was put into practice, the business went 40% above the set annual targets.

VP of B2B software, European operator

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The development of a new growth area occurred at a fraction of the time compared to customer expectations and our previous projects.

EVP, Managing Director of Nordic IT services company

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Personally, I have always enjoyed working with people who really understand what we are trying to accomplish and are top professionals in their field.

CEO of a large Energy company

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The person behind Bladverk

Sampo Lehtiniemi CEO and Owner

I am, in my own words, an intense strategy advisor implementing corporate transformation and new company development cases. With over 15 years’ management experience and a proven track record in leading companies to grow, my strengths are product and service leadership, partner ecosystems, and management advisory. By education, I am a business strategist, who has since found himself in the software industry, energy industry, trade and services companies, and fast growth startups.

My career includes transformative companies such as Microsoft, Tieto, Helen and new venture building with Coventures. My target is to help people to unlock their true potential, so they can nourish companies to grow and thrive, whether that means conceptualizing new visions and business strategies, sharpening up the current ones, or becoming an active co-founder or investor for them.

Sampo Lehtiniemi, Bladverk.

The Story of Bladverk

To fulfill my mission, I created Bladverk. The name Bladverk comes from the Nordic word for foliage. As well as a tree requires fertile ground to grow and bud the new leaves, companies and businesses require someone to take care of theirs needs. With the hand-picked partners, I have the know-how to advise start-ups scaling from the fertile ground, encourage large companies to implement their objectives, and bring continuity to companies during times of change, so they can bear fruit in the future. 

I commonly bring together the reformists of the management team, developer-minded professionals, and visionary board members. However, I believe in cross-industry collaboration, and partnerships with innovative technology suppliers, academia, and individuals are fundamental to my work. The most interesting projects are the ones that address the challenges of a changing world and have an impact on the well-being of future generations. Augmenting growth is my mission.

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